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Catholic Life

As a Catholic School, our faith is central to everything that takes place in St. Joseph’s.  To do this, we live, work and worship together, sharing a belief in the values of the Gospel. Our children have opportunities to explore their faith and spirituality, and gain a deeper understanding of their valued place in today’s society, and that we are all part of God’s family.   

The family, the school and the Catholic community of our parish are three main areas of development for our children. The Religious Education of our pupils is the ‘Core of the Core Curriculum’; the practice and teaching of the Catholic Faith is central. Our Faith is not just something added on to everything else we do as a school, but runs through all our learning.  10% RE curriculum time is allocated across all key stages. The staffing and resourcing devoted to RE is of the highest standard, reflecting its significance and importance in our school. 

Example, instruction and practice within the context of family, school and parish create an all-pervading atmosphere of Catholic attitudes, values and ethos. 

As a Catholic school, we feel that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is a major strength of our school. It underpins the education of our pupils and establishes a caring, orderly and self-disciplined learning community. We seek to encourage the children to work together and to willingly take on responsibility. They learn to share and value the achievement of others. The moral development of our children flows from a firm spiritual base 

We hope that the children educated at our school will grow towards religious maturity, ready to face the responsibilities of a Christian life.   

St. Joseph’s is a caring school community where we all do our best to love one another and to live out our school Mission Statement.  

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Updated | 6th December, 2023 |

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