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Vision, Values, Ethos & Mission

A statement on our schools ethos and values.

Our vision for St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary is to provide the community we serve with a truly outstanding school, consistently providing the highest quality of teaching and support for every individual child. 

Our learning community is based on the Gospel values of love, tolerance and forgiveness where the achievements of all are celebrated. 

We want our pupils to be creative, inquisitive, compassionate and successful, through a curriculum that is rich, exciting, innovative and varied. 

Our pupils will excel across the curriculum – in the arts and in sports, whilst achieving the very highest academic standards possible. 

As a school and staff, we believe in an ethos where children of all backgrounds and cultures are welcomed and valued; all children will make the very best progress that they can, leaving us confident to participate and take a lead role in society. 

Outstanding behaviour and self-discipline must underpin our work, supported by parents, our parish and our wider community. 

Finally, we believe our pupils should leave our school confident, proud of themselves, able to encourage others and embrace the changing world around them. They will be able to look back on a wonderfully happy primary education and be eager to start the next stage of their learning. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission as a Catholic primary school is to provide a Catholic education that puts the word of God at the centre of school. Our purpose is the happiness of all of our community through the pursuit of school-wide excellence; with success measured on our ability to sustain and enhance our position as a thriving example of Christ-centred education.

At St Joseph’s we inspire everyone to be the person God intended them to be by acting justly, loving tenderly, and walking humbly with God.

Our Mission

At St Joseph’s all are welcome

We are a vibrant and diverse community where everyone is valued for their individuality, and we are all proud to belong to our school family. We nurture, encourage, and support our pupils to be their very best selves and to flourish and achieve their potential. 

We endeavour to: 

  • Maintain a Catholic ethos that permeates and inspires the whole life and the work of the school. 
  • Educate the whole child in a way that is challenging, stimulating and enjoyable and be concerned for all areas of the child’s development: intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional, social and physical. 
  • Raise pupils’ self-esteem in a safe, calm, nurturing and caring environment. 
  • Continue to foster and develop the close links already established with parents, parish and community. 
  • Give the children rich and enjoyable experiences of worship expressed in pupil achievements, school liturgies, assemblies and seasonal celebrations. Teach our children to pray with all of their being, mind, body, heart, spirit and senses, and in so doing discover themselves and enter into the beginning of a deep and personal relationship with God. 
  • Respect each individual. Develop moral values relating to people and property, a sense of justice and peace, and to respect the worth and dignity of the individual. 
  • Deliver an effective staff development programme. 

The ethos of the school is a product of its small size and welcoming atmosphere coupled with close community links set in spacious surroundings.  Together, we strive to…

Live Fully, Act justly

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Updated | 10th October, 2023 |

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