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Term Dates / School Day

Term dates and timetables for our school.

Term Dates

Details of our term dates and school holidays may be downloaded from the links below. Our term dates differ from those set and published by Durham County Council. Please email school if you require a paper copy. 

School Day

Our compulsory school hours run from 8:55am to 3:30pm daily, giving us a net weekly total of 32 hours and 55 minutes.  

Please note that our pupils are encouraged to enter school at 8:45am to access an additional morning challenge.  

At 8:55am, registration is taken, and the school day officially begins. 

Year groupStart timeFinish Time
Reception 8:55am 3:30pm 
Year 1 8:55am 3:30pm 
Year 2 8:55am 3:30pm 
Year 3 8:55am 3:30pm 
Year 4 8:55am 3:30pm 
Year 5 8:55am 3:30pm 
Year 6 8:55am 3:30pm 

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Updated | 9th July, 2024 |

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